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Lecture | Baristastainability AND Equitable Hiring, Training, and Employee Support Practices

Do you feel like it’s impossible to retain baristas in your café? Or are you a barista struggling to figure out how to making a living wage? Learn about findings that impact all café workers in this new research completed by Counter Culture Coffee, from surveys aimed at those working behind the bar. This lecture will explore factors impacting retail employee retention and longevity; a topic relevant to all coffee professionals, especially baristas, managers/trainers, and program directors/café owners.


Barista Behind the Bar is an interview-based project centered around barista insights in order to answer the question: how do we make the coffee industry a more equitable and supportive work environment? This lecture will be based on barista-interview findings and will be geared towards baristas, hiring managers, business owners, and anyone interested in equitable workplaces. Topics to be covered include hiring practices focused on diversity, breaking down barriers to access of education and training, and cultivating healthy work environments. This lecture will empower baristas with the tools for personal advocacy and will provide groundwork for managers and business owners to better support their staff and create sustainable and healthy business growth.