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Barista Guild Access: September 17 & 18, 2019

San Diego, California



Access is an annual event hosted by the Barista Guild. This gathering features a wide variety of educational sessions including hands-on workshops, research presentations, technology exploration, sensory experiences and industry insights. For two days, attendees from across the country unite with friends, both old and new, from across the country to dig deep into new topics, expand their network, and get inspired. Participants customize part of their schedule to suit their interests and grow their career in coffee.

To keep event content fresh and relevant, the SCA is looking for qualified presenters to submit session proposals for the 2019 Barista Guild Access event to be held September 17-18 in San Diego, Ca.


Session Categories & Room Sets

There are 16 openings for sessions at the event; 12 Workshops and 4 Lectures or Panels. There are pre-determined room sets designed to provide the best learner experiences.

Workshops will be equally divided among these three room sets:
(click to see the equipment & supply list for these areas)

 Lectures and panels will be delivered in the Presentation Hall. The presentation hall will also be able to accommodate round table discussions.


Proposal Considerations

  •  All sessions are two hours long and the proposed content should be designed to work within this timeframe, including introductions and concluding remarks.

  • Sessions should be designed to work within the room set as outlined. If special equipment or supplies are needed, they should be included in the proposal. Exact quantities of supplies will be based on number of attendees and final course needs.

  • It is recommended that each session include a handout that is either 1) a summary of key points, or 2) a list of resources or key tips/practices etc.

  • Marketing and promotion of commercial products or services is strictly prohibited. The intent of the program is to provide quality content focused on education and free from commercial influence or bias.  Also, all presentations and materials must adhere to SCA logo and copyright policies.

  • The submission of a proposal and/or the acceptance of an invitation do not represent a claim on any particular topic or idea. There may be multiple proposals for each event that address the same topic or idea.


Speaker Benefits & Expectations

  • Speakers (workshop lead instructors, lecture presenters, and panel facilitators) receive a free registration to the entire event.

  • Lunch will be provided for speakers on both days.

  • Speakers are responsible for their own room and/or travel expenses. Accommodations are not included in event registration.

  • Presenters who accept the invitation will agree to submitting certain deliverables according to a set timeline.

  • Speakers will be asked to create a visual presentation that is appropriate for the session (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote), and provide their own laptop for delivering the presentation.

  • Speakers may submit multiple proposals but will be limited to two (2) sessions per event.

  • Speakers assume the responsibility to make sure that their content and materials are either original content or are properly attributed to the source.

  • Speakers will retain all of the rights to the materials they present.


Selection Process

  •  All proposals must be submitted by Friday, May 31, 2019

  • Each proposal is individually read and rated by the Event Content Committee, with representatives from the coffee community, Barista Guild leadership, as well as SCA staff from event, education and research departments.

  • Ratings are based on such factors including, but not limited to:

    • Topical Relevance - How compelling or unique is the topic to the audience? How well researched is it? Is it following trends within the industry?

    • Topical Expertise – What professional experiences lend credibility to the proposal?

    • Clarity of Learning Objectives - do the objectives match the vision of the event and do they match the description? Are they concise?

    • Presentation Experience - similar types of speaking engagements and presentation experience at other events, conferences, etc.

    • Level of Learner Interaction – If the session is a workshop, what is the balance between the presentation to hands-on activity? What types of learners benefit most from the session? 

    • Readiness - Are panelist identified? Is the research complete? Are the activities defined?

    • Session History - Has this been presented before? If so, what was the size of audience and feedback, if any?

  • The selection committee will then build a balanced schedule that represents a variety of professional development opportunities for baristas of all experience levels.

  • Invitations and notifications will be sent out via email to the primary contact by mid-June 2019.


To submit your session proposal, please choose one of these forms:


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Questions or concerns, please email Mansi Chokshi at